ABC, Disney, Participant, and Ovation have turned to Weill Media for high quality entertainment marketing in Los Angeles.

Need entertainment marketing?

You’ve got your budget and you know your distribution avenues. You’ve got your schedule. Maybe your team can usually handle entertainment marketing in house, but this time you don't have the available resources when you need them (which is to say: right now).

Or maybe you're planning ahead because this happens a few times a year — a video, promo, or even a corporate social responsibility campaign seems to crop up out of nowhere with a tight timeline — and you'd like to square up some external resources so that your entertainment marketing projects (and you) can breathe a little easier and not always be in such a rush.

Having worked with studios and networks including ABC, Disney, Ovation, and Participant, our entertainment marketing Los Angeles team understands what you mean when you say:

“We have a firm delivery date” or:
“This is the budget” and also:
“Here are our notes.”

​And we get that all stakeholders need to be on board with your project.

At the end of the process, we want the work produced by our entertainment marketing Los Angeles team to be more than “approved”...
We're going for applause! 

Let’s get it done.

Producing entertainment marketing in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world brings a series of crazy experiences that add up to earn the term “seasoned.”

Like the time we needed to hang a very expensive camera (and a gorgeous model) off the roof of a 65-story building. Or the night we filmed a piano as it was dropped off the roof in downtown Los Angeles.

Or when the most important on-camera prop for a Saturday Night Live film came from a Dumpster.

Or those beautiful helicopter night shots over Manhattan.

Or the time we were relieved that when the rabbit trainer recommended putting the bunnies to sleep for the shot, she literally meant she would gently pet them so they'd actually sleep through the filming.

Neither a record-breaking blizzard nor the challenge to ride a bull (did it) have kept us from meeting budgets or deadlines. 

We have filmed from a New York Fire Department ladder truck and from barges on the Hudson River. Other locations have included stadiums with bucking broncos in Utah, beaches in California, and alpine lakes in Colorado. We filmed the Lost cast in Hawaii and author Anne Rice on a revolving motorized platform in New Orleans.

Team members at our Los Angeles based content agency have held senior positions at major studios. Every entertainment marketing project is unique, and each one demands high-quality production and experience.

If you need entertainment marketing in Los Angeles, contact us to tell us about your project. 

“The Weill Media producers curated and assigned dynamic, innovative stories that got noticed — and picked up — by mainstream media outlets.”
—Allison Kingsley, VP Digital, Ovation

Tell us about your project or request a quote.

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