Video Production

Your corporate video production in Los Angeles CA will benefit from our years working with studios including ABC, NBC, HBO, PBS, and Universal as well as on projects for Pfizer, Chase, the NYPD, and Saturday Night Live.

Video Production

Our corporate video production, Los Angeles CA team is originally from New York.

Here in L.A., there is an oft-used expression: No worries. 

Does your project need a grizzly bear? Will your on-camera celebrity request "a medium amount" of pulp in her OJ? Will the African village chief expect a goat before we begin?

No worries!

We have experience with these (exact) things, and many others.

For each corporate video production in Los Angeles CA, we immerse ourselves in project preparation to avoid surprises (while devising ways to elegantly deal with any that do pop up, like a misbehaving grizzly). 

Will your project require a shoot in downtown Los Angeles, or on the streets of Sao Paulo, or the Old City in Shanghai, or a marketplace in Accra? No worries.

After crafting your footage into effective stories in the edit suite, our favorite, most gratifying part of the corporate video production in Los Angeles CA process is sharing the finalized video with our clients and the world, knowing that we faithfully transformed your brand strategy into an entertaining, eye-opening, audience-moving experience.

Weill Media can handle every stage of the corporate video production process — except the first step.

We can’t yell, “Action!” until you take action by contacting us about your corporate video production in Los Angeles CA. 
After that: No worries. 


“Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.”

—Benjamin Franklin

People are probably pitching you all the time.

In fact, “I’ve got an idea…” is a subject line that may no longer bring you joy.

Because much of the time, those ideas (even the good ones) just “aren’t quite right” for your organization. It’s so hard for someone “on the outside” to come up with ideas that work for your brand. Right?

After working inside major studios and publishing houses for many years, we formed our own Los Angeles corporate video production studio, catering mainly to studios, publishers, and Fortune 500 companies.

Because of our time “on the inside,” the team at Weill Media really understands how to develop a

wonderful creative piece (video, commercial, or short film) while keeping in mind the priorities of all stakeholders.

What’s your brand’s story, and how will this video help you tell it? Whether you need a stand-alone promo, a series of webisodes, or a video to go with a series of articles or blog posts, our content agency will ensure that your video works on its own and fits in seamlessly with your overall content strategy, while celebrating your brand's voice and big-picture values.

And of course, we’ll take care of the entire corporate video production process: prep (the details), shoot (the execution), and post (the magic).

If you're looking for corporate video production in Los Angeles CA please reach out.

Tell us about your project or request a quote.

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